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What’s My Point?

January 15, 2017


What’s my point. A statement I often make when I’ve criss-crossed a thousand loosely related tangents to frame my discussion and establish my point. Then I rhetorically ask aloud, “what’s my point.” It’s a focusing technique, a moment to let the contrail of thoughts and concepts settle, catch-up and then I execute a grand paraphrase. At least that’s the gist of the premise, the general idea, the altruistic intent of any of my conversations; making the quintessential point.

Sometimes I have to shake my fellow conversationalist awake, or looking into their glazed over eyes, snap my fingers to re-focus their attention or as a last resort, wave something shiny above my head. Sometimes it’s quicker to just take a few beats and then declare, “never mind” so we can go get some flat beer and chili dogs down at the bowling alley.

There’s an old adage that states, “pick your battles” in this case I’d amend that to: ” limit your word count.”

Which brings to mind, grenade throwing practice.

But we’ll skip that. What’s my point this time? I’m re-opening this blog. Yep. I’m leaving my old posts and pages up, but I’m going to do something different this time around. I have two blogs and a Youtube channel but they don’t cover more topical discussions. On the new Roarke’s Reality Riffs, just like the “old” Reality Riffs, what you know you are going to get is REAL. The real Roarke and his impressions of his reality. I hope you will find it as entertaining and interesting as the previous riffs.

If you are a returning reader, thank you. If you are a new subscriber, please tell all your friends, even if you don’t like Roarke’s Reality Riffs. And as always, I do NOT participate in ad sense revenue. Any ads seen on my blog are WordPress choices.

As the “Great One” Jackie Gleason used to segue, “ And away we go!”

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